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I just wanted you to know that we got the shell and it is looking great. Thanks again for your help and expertise. Terry ~ Westerville, OH


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Large Seashells

The Strombidae are the true conchs, pronounced "konks." These are mostly medium to large, thick shells with conical spire. The genera vary considerably in form, but all have a large body whorl. The Strombus move rapidly with a leaping motion. For those of you who haven't explored the Florida Keys, then you have missed out. Conchs are used for making delicious stews and soups. Finish off a big bowl, then enjoy a big slice of Key Lime Pie. That's living! Some of the species we offer are large and showy. Perfect for decorating.
Large Seashell King Helmet Natural Nautilus Pink Conch Shells
Pink Conch Shells
from $15.00
Natural Nautilus
from $12.00
Cassis Cornuta
Caribbean Triton Seashell Cassis Rufa Cameo Seashell Imperial Volutes Shell
Caribbean Triton
Cassis Rufa- Cameo $15.00
Imperial Volutes
Indian Melon Shell Truncata Spider Shell Melon Diadema Shell
Indian Melon Shell
Truncata Spider
Melon Diadema

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